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ThermiSmooth Face

Thermismooth Before and After

ThermiSmooth™ Face is an external radio frequency device that heats the skin to produce new collagen, improves texture and may and tighten the skin in the treatment area. It requires no anesthesia and feels like a hot stone massage. It can be used on the eyes, the perioral area, cheeks and décolletage to improve the texture but it will not tighten the skin like ThermiTight. We recommend several treatments to get optimal results and can be done periodically to maintain results. This is another non-surgical option that can be used in a cross training type strategy with peels and skin care to avoid surgery.

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Thermismooth Before and After
Thermismooth Before and After

ThermiSmooth Face Frequently Asked Questions

Who are good candidates for ThermiSmooth Face?
Anyone who wants to make their skin better in terms of texture, wrinkles and pore size.
Does the procedure hurt?
The technique uses radiofrequency waves to heat the skin with an external wand. The skin gets warm but there are no injections.
What are the risks associated with the procedure?
No health risks. Only the risk of how good the procedure will work. Younger skin has more collagen. Collagen is the target we are treating to make more collagen. So the more collagen you have in your skin the more opportunity there is for improvement.
How much does ThermiSmooth Face cost?
Most patients will have three ThermiSmooth Face treatments. The cost depends on the area. An exact quote will be given during your comprehensive consultation.

Dr. Graper talks with Sheri of the Bob & Sheri Show about THERMI

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