Halo Laser Treatment in Charlotte

Overview (What is Halo Laser?)

Halo is a fractionated laser that treats wrinkles, brown spots and texture issues on the skin. It combines two different wavelengths/types of lasers to both ablate bad tissue and rejuvenate new tissue. It heals faster than a regular laser because it treats 40% of the total skin with treatment areas that are immediately adjacent microscopicly to non-treated areas. Because the treated skin is so close to un-treated skin, the skin stimulation spills over to the non-treated skin, producing rejuvenating effects in all the skin. There is less down time because only 40% of the skin has been treated. It is a very effective treatment, resulting in better skin with less down time.

Halo precisely targets years of damage to your skin, including:

  • Discoloration
  • Sun damage
  • Visible signs of aging
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Enlarged pores
  • Poor texture
  • Fine lines
  • Scar revision


The procedure is done in our cosmetic surgery Charlotte office under topical numbing cream. In less than an hour, your entire face is being treated. Red spots can be done at the same time if needed. The patient goes home with a post-peel kit to care for the skin.


The skin heals in over the next several days depending on the extent of the treatment. We like to pre-treat the skin for a more uniform response and faster healing time. Makeup can be worn by many patients the next day but it is several days till patients are comfortable at important social events. 


There are not many complications which is why patients are so pleased. This treatment is fractionated and therefore not as strong as a 100% facial laser treatment so patients’ expectations for improvement have to be appropriate. Deep wrinkles will not be gone as they are with deeper treatments but the down time is much longer. Recurrent or inflammatory brown spots are possible but much less likely with pre-treatment. Burns would be very rare or non-existent.

Halo Laser before & after results at Graper Cosmetic Surgery in Charlotte, NC.




“My skin now feels like it did back in high school. It is so smooth and luminous and I feel like I can’t see the pores on my face anymore. I’ve never felt and looked better.”
– Clayton, 50 year-old female

“The best part of my Halo treatment was how easy it was! I have done a few laser and light treatments in the past, but nothing came close. To be able to have a treatment with minimal discomfort, be able to go out the next day and still get results was amazing!”
– Gina, 26 year-old female

“Over the years, I have always worried about how much damage I’ve done to my skin. My freckles turned into brown spots and my pores were large. Halo not only made my skin feel and look amazing but it also reversed the internal sun damage. Halo hit the spot!”
– Maria, 35 year-old female

FAQ’S About Halo Laser Procedure

What is the procedure like?
After the numbing cream there is very little discomfort but there can be some heat as the laser energy is absorbed by the skin and does its work.
Who are good candidates for Halo Laser?
All skin types benefit including brown, black skin tones. Anyone with wrinkles, brown spots or acne scars will benefit after appropriate skin pre-treatment with a retinoid, bleaching cream and sunscreen. To find out if you are right for Halo Laser procedure you can schedule a consultation at Graper Cosmetic Surgery.
What is the typical recovery time?
3-5 days before the Halo glow starts.
How much does Halo Laser cost?
$1500. Some patients want to tailor the treatment for an even faster healing time. In this case each treatment is less aggressive but there is more than one treatment spaced out over several months. The cost in that case is $1000 per treatment.

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