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If the skin is not elastic, then the nipple and breast will sag. Despite what you may have heard, there is no amount of exercise or any creams that will correct this problem. The solution to the problem is to lift the breast and reposition it on the chest where it is more youthful and attractive. The nipple needs to be centered over the breast and the shape adjusted to patient preferences. All of this can be done, but requires a simple plastic surgery procedure.

Breast Lift in Charlotte, NC

General Types

There are three general types of breast lift incisions, but not all techniques are applicable to every patient. Peri-areolar or a “donut lift” can sometimes be done if the nipple is just slightly low and the rest of the breast is in a good position.  This is a better skin tightening procedure than it is a lift and is rarely recommended.  The next, slightly more aggressive breast lift, is called a circum-vertical lift or “lollipop lift” and involves not only lifting the nipple, but also re-shaping the breasts. This breast lift involves an incision around the entire nipple and extends down to the fold under the breasts. This breast lift procedure is for patients with minimal droopiness but poorer shape to their breasts that also needs to be addressed.

Breast Lift Patient in Charlotte, NC

The most common and comprehensive breast lift is one that uses the ‘anchor’ incision which extends around the nipple, from the nipple to the fold and then along the underside of the breast in the fold. This plastic surgery procedure re-shapes the breast and lifts both the nipple and the breast itself into the proper position.  It is the most powerful option and the one that is most frequently recommended.  The additional incision in the fold is hidden from sight and this technique allows us to get the breast shaped in all dimensions and often delivers the best looking result.

While the incisions are what you see, the technique used to reposition your breast tissue is what determines your shape.  This is critical to the overall result.  Depending on your goals and your current breast position, you may be a candidate for a special technique using a superiorly-based breast pedicle that creates even more cleavage and can use other portions of breast tissue to dramatically improve your breast projection compared to traditional techniques.  This procedure is called a “superior pedicle with auto-augmentation” in that your own tissues are used in a way to act and look as if an implant was placed.

Breast Lift Before After Photo in Charlotte, NC

These procedures are all done in our facility under general anesthesia. We also use local anesthesia to decrease postoperative discomfort. Afterwards, the breasts are swollen and may be tender for several days. As the swelling resolves, so will the discomfort.

Potential Risks

All cosmetic surgery procedures can have potential complications such as bleeding or infection, but this is rare with mastopexies. We take very careful measurements to maximize the symmetry between the breasts. In the unusual event that significant asymmetry exists postoperatively, we will correct it. Nipple sensation should be normal post-op, but may be temporarily decreased due to swelling.

Mastopexy in Charlotte, NC
Mastopexy Patient in Charlotte, NC

The main concern that patients have about mastopexy is the scars. We are very aware of this issue, and therefore spend a great amount of time reviewing breast lift photos so patients can know what to expect. What our patients have told us is that when their breasts are droopy and out of shape, then the dramatic improvement in the appearance of the breasts far outweighs the presence of the scars. If the breasts are basically good but just a little low, then the effect of the cosmetic surgery may not be as positive for that patient because they did not have as much to gain. Again, we can help you understand if the breast lift procedure would be an overall improvement for you. In any event, the scars require approximately one year to mature. At that point, they turn white and fade into the natural creases around the breasts and are difficult to see.  All of our patients do scar management after surgery.  Beginning at week two, our patients will use paper tape and a scar gel to help minimize the appearance of their scars and expedite their healing process.  We also offer laser treatments to help for those who are great candidates.

Mastopexy Before & After Photo in Charlotte, NC

Mastopexy surgery is a great operation for patients whose breasts show the effects of pregnancy, weight gain, genetics, normal aging or a combination of all four. The procedure will reproduce the youthful and attractive appearance that patients desire in a safe and predictable fashion.

Breast Lift Reduction Recovery
Breast Lift Reduction Recovery – Dr. Harper
Breast Lift & Reduction Video with Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Robert Graper
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Breast Lift Frequently Asked Questions

The most common and comprehensive breast lift is one that uses the anchor incision which extends around the nipple, from the nipple to the fold and then along the underside of the breast in the fold. This procedure re-shapes the breast and lifts both the nipple and the breast itself into the proper position. These procedures are all done in our facility under IV sedation, where you do not feel or remember anything, but you are breathing on your own for an added measure of safety. We also use local anesthesia to decrease postoperative discomfort.

Most of our Charlotte breast lift patients are discharged approximately 1 hour after surgery is completed, when they are alert and can take liquids well. They are sent home where most people sleep for several hours. We write prescriptions for pain medicine, antibiotics and nausea medicine for the occasional patient who doesn’t tolerate the anesthesia well. The doctor will call the evening of the procedure to check on you and to answer any questions.

Women who are physically and emotionally healthy, have realistic expectations about the results of the surgery, and understand the risks and benefits of the procedure are ideal candidates for mastopexy (breast lift). Cosmetic surgery patients who have had children or who have gained and lost a great deal of weight are the most common candidates for a breast lift.
Recovery from mastopexy surgery may take two or three weeks. Most patients can return to light-duty work within 3-7 days postoperatively. Exercise can be resumed at three weeks postoperatively, and driving can be resumed as soon as the patient feels she can make evasive movements without hesitation and is off all pain medications.
Like any surgical procedure, there are potential risks, just like there are risks in everyday life. For instance, when one drives a car, the risk of a flat tire, a dead battery, or an accident is small compared to the huge benefit of rapid transportation. Similarly, mastopexy, the risks are small compared to the benefits of the procedure. Each patient, however, should be aware of the risks so that they may make their decision regarding proceeding with the operation. The risk of bleeding or infection postoperatively is small; perhaps 1 to 2%. Correction of these problems may require additional surgery. We do not charge to treat these problems but there is a facility charge for the cost of doing the procedure that patients are responsible for. So, there is both a small health risk as well as a financial risk in any surgical procedure. Some patients experience temporary increased or decreased nipple sensation changes after surgery, but it is rare to have a permanent change.
The cost of the procedure depends on many variables, so it is not possible to give a price without a personal consultation. Associated costs may include the price of the procedure, operating room costs and anesthesia fees. Please contact us for a personal consultation

* Disclaimer: As with all medical procedures, individual results and experiences may vary.