BOTOX in Charlotte NC

Botox is a non-invasive, anti-aging treatment that relaxes the muscle in a specific region of the body. It is one of a variety of outpatient treatments available that can be used to reverse the effects of aging and is commonly associated with treating conditions like Crow’s Feet — wrinkles that form near the eyes.

Botox injections are comprised of a protein derived from the Botulism toxin that has the ability to freeze and paralyze certain muscles and to smooth out wrinkles. The effects of Botox can be seen within a week of treatment and can last up to six months.

Botox for Preventative Purposes

Botox can also be used for preventative cosmetic purposes. Increasingly, women in their 20s and 30s are seeking out Botox at the first sign of permanent lines.  Virtually anyone will have lines during expression, but when the line remains after the face returns to its resting state, Botox can help inhibit the formation of a permanent line or wrinkle.

In fact, many doctors believe that preemptively addressing the formation of even faint lines on the face can reduce or eliminate the chance of them becoming permanent. As with any procedure, consulting with your doctor about whether you are a good candidate for a treatment and your personal objectives for seeking it out are the first steps in the process.

When to Seek Out Preventative Botox

The best way to think about the best time to seek out preventative Botox is to focus on appearance, and not chronological age. The prevalence and first appearance of permanent lines on the face are a function of race, skin type, and lifestyle.  The last factor is especially important if a person smokes or drinks alcohol — both of these habits can significantly accelerate the aging process for skin.

Turning back the clock when it comes to aging doesn’t always mean going in for a surgical procedure. Patients have options to other interventions like Botox that are less invasive and performed as outpatient procedures with minimal to virtually no recovery time. As is the case with any treatment, your doctor can advise you about the optimal frequency for Botox applications and any risks that are involved.

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