The Key to Successful Lipo Results in Charlotte NC

Liposuction is a very popular and safe procedure to reduce unwanted fat from selected areas of the body. But not all procedures yield the same result, as there are factors that affect the safety and success of the procedure. Read on as plastic surgeons Dr. Robert Graper and Dr. Garrett Harper share the keys to successful lipo results.

Picking a Qualified Surgeon

Unquestionably the most important component to a successful liposuction result is selecting the right surgeon. With so many different types of techniques and technology, it is the person performing the surgery that really matters. Your liposuction surgeon should be a board certified plastic surgeon that performs many liposuction procedures every year and has a strong safety record.

The right surgeon will look at your body as a whole and consider the proportion and balance of your features. For example, performing lipo on the sides of your abdomen to narrow your waist will accentuate the curve of your hips, or slimming your thighs may enhance the size of your buttocks. Your surgeon should use liposuction as a tool to sculpt the areas you want to reduce while accentuating the areas you want to highlight.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight and Lifestyle

You will see the most successful results from liposuction if you are already in a routine of exercising and eating a healthy diet at the time of treatment, and continue to stick to this routine after surgery. Liposuction isn’t meant to be a quick fix for weight loss or a way to maintain a certain weight. If you are committed to eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, you should see great liposuction results that last a very long time.

Following Your Post-Operative Instructions

Every surgery carries risk — it is unavoidable. However, you can reduce your chances of complications that affect your outcomes by following the post-operative instructions given by your surgical team. These usually include drinking lots of water, taking certain medications and limiting your activity level while you recover. Maximize your chances of success by adhering to all guidelines.

Schedule a Liposuction Consultation

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