CoolSculpting in Charlotte NC

There is a new generation of procedures targeted toward people looking for non-surgical ways to improve their image.  This is particularly true for fat reduction therapies that help transform the body. I have researched many options and found CoolSculpting to be the most effective. Hundreds of my patients have had this treatment during the past two years and it has proven to be very reliable for fat reduction in the stomach, “love handles”, inner and outer thighs, “bra rolls”, breast reduction—basically anywhere on the body where fat reduction is the desired outcome for women and men.

CoolSculpting is a breakthrough procedure that safely and effectively eliminates fat without the cost,downtime and risk associated with surgery.  CoolSculpting cools fat cells to temperatures that trigger their natural death and then are eliminated naturally by the body over the weeks and months following.  The results are an undeniable reduction of fat in the treated area, and patients can start to see results in as soon as three weeks, with the most dramatic results after three months.  Every patient is unique, which is why we offer a customized procedure plan as part of the initial consultation.  Although it is not as powerful in one stage as liposuction,it is so much easier (you can read or watch TV or work on your mobile device during treatment) that patients don’t mind coming in to have a second stage treatment to potentially remove as much as 40% of the original fat.

I am so confident that patients will see a significant result that we will do a second treatment for free in the same area if the patient maintains their original weight and does not see a difference in their before and after pictures.

Learn more about Coolsculpting by watching Dr. Graper featured on The Wellness Hour.

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