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How often have you been asked if you are tired or upset when you actually feel fine? Frequently the source of these observations is the appearance of one's eyes. The appearance of the eyes is one of the ways we judge other people's age and mood. Signs of aging around the eyes are extra skin drooping over the eyelashes and puffy, wrinkled skin under the lower eyelid. Dark shadows under the eyes come from both overhead light hitting the eyelid bags casting a shadow, and from pigment deposits in the skin from long term damage to the fragile skin capillaries. The eyebrows contribute to the problem by adding brow skin to the upper lids. All of these changes give one's eyes an older appearance.

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People convey their mood with their eyebrows. If the eyebrows are sagging, the person looks tired or old. If the eyebrows are too low on the nasal side of the brow, the person looks angry. Low brow position on the ear side looks sad. But if the brows are arched above the bony rim the person looks happy.

Our goal is to learn about the concerns our Charlotte, NC plastic surgery patients have about their eyelid appearance. We then make a diagnosis as to what is causing the problem, i.e. too much eyelid skin, too much brow skin or both. We then formulate a plan to solve the problem. If the patient has extra upper eyelid skin, the solution may be to remove the extra skin. But if the extra upper eyelid skin is from drooping brows the best operation is a brow lift, which will improve both the appearance of the brow and the upper eyelid. Again, an accurate diagnosis is very important to performing the right cosmetic surgery operation.


Brow lifts and eyelifts (blepharoplasties) are performed in our office under IV sedation and local anesthesia. Patients are totally asleep, feel no pain and remember nothing, but they are still breathing on their own. Blepharoplasties take approximately two hours to perform and involve removing extra skin, fat and muscle as needed to produce a more youthful look. The incisions are placed in the upper eyelid crease and just below the lower lash line. The lids are commonly done at the same time but may be done separately if the lids have aged at different rates. The incisions heal very well because the skin is very thin and under no tension. Patients are dismissed after the cosmetic surgery procedure with instructions, medication and an appointment for their first follow-up visit. The first post-op visit is at 3-5 days when the stitches are removed. Patients can wear contact lenses and makeup at approximately 7-10 days. Most people return to work at 5-7 days, depending on their job, but the eyelid appearance will continue to improve for up to 6 weeks.

Frequently blepharoplasty is all that is needed to greatly improve the eyelid appearance. Sometimes, however, dark circles under the lower lids persist because of pigment stains left in the remaining skin. Even if the lower eyelid skin is tight and wrinkle-free, if the quality of the skin itself is poor then the best results have not yet been achieved. In order to remove the stained skin, laser resurfacing or chemical peel can be done to remove the damaged skin and regenerate new pigment-free skin. This cosmetic surgery procedure can be done simultaneously with transconjunctival blepharoplasty, but must be staged if standard blepharoplasty is indicated. Laser resurfacing can also be used to improve the ultra thin, crepe paper type skin under the lower lid. Blepharoplasty and laser are frequently used together to improve the quantity and quality of the skin around the eyes.

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As mentioned above, a transconjunctival blepharoplasty is for people who have excess fat in the lower lids and no redundant skin. This fat is approached through an incision inside the lower lid and therefore there is no external incision. The procedure is near painless and can be combined with skin resurfacing if needed.


Post-operatively everyone is swollen and bruised to some extent. We recommend ice compresses for 48 hours and head elevation until the swelling is resolved. There is very little pain to the cosmetic surgery procedure, but the eyes may feel tight. Vision may be slightly blurred for several days due to swelling around the eyes, but will return quickly.

Complications are few with eyelifts, but include dry eyes, asymmetries in the amount of skin remaining in the lids, lid position asymmetries and ectropion. Ectropion is when the lower lid pulls down so far as to show the white part of the eye. This is very unattractive. We are very aware of this potential problem and prevent it by placing a suspension suture that supports the lower lid.


Brow lifts can be done via the new endoscopic approach or the standard open approach where the incision is made across the scalp. Endoscopic brow lifts use fiberoptics through 2 cm. incisions behind the hairline to release the drooping brow from the bony orbital rim. We remove muscles that produce frown lines and suspend the brow up to produce the desired results. The procedure takes about 1 1/2 hours to perform and typically produces so little bruising that many patients are at work the next day. The advantage of the endoscopic approach is that the incisions are very small. The standard open approach accomplishes the same goals through a longer incision. Unfortunately our enthusiasm with the endoscopic brow lift has been tempered with the lack of durability of the procedure. We still favor the standard open brow lift because of tried and true results that last 10-15 years. We still offer both procedures, but feel the longer lasting results of the open approach more than compensate for the longer scar and make it the approach of choice. Laser resurfacing can be done simultaneously with endoscopic brow lifts.

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A new approach using "threads" or long non-absorbing sutures to suspend the brow using only local anesthesia has not produced durable results and is not now a viable alternative in our practice. As new technologies come on line, we will evaluate them for safety and efficacy. When new cosmetic surgery procedures meet our high standards and surpass the results of the current procedures, we will adopt them.


Complications consist of swelling, bruising, temporary or permanent numbness of the forehead, temporary or permanent brow paralysis and brow asymmetries. Because the endoscope provides such an improved view of the operation, nerve injuries are unusual but need to be mentioned for complete understanding of all essential risks.

This overview is meant to act as a guide to what blepharoplasty and brow lifts are and who is a candidate for them. We have briefly reviewed the procedure, the post-operative care and potential complications. The procedures are reliable and will faithfully and predictably improve the appearance of the eyes. For many people, this is all they need to help them feel better about themselves.

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In addition to helping Charlotte brow lift and eyelid surgery patients achieve more youthful facial appearance, Dr. Graper is also a highly skilled Charlotte rhinoplasty and facelift expert. Other facial rejuvenation procedures his patients often request include Botox injections, laser skin resurfacing and lip augmentation in Charlotte.

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